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    information about :s60 internet radio -open source project

    hey guys,

    I am interseted to play with the source code(application) of internet radio application.I found the link there at


    but i m not being able to get the source code or sis file.The ugly msg of "Page not found" is being displayed.

    Any help, from where i will b able to get the code.

    Warm Regards,

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    Re: information about :s60 internet radio -open source project

    It looks like all the links are broken. Even the Feedback link is broken too.

    Anyone knows the webmaster of opensource.nokia.com? They should fix Nokia's Open Source web site; all the links do not work properly.

    Just an idea, why don't Nokia host the open source projects at SourceForge.net or some other public web sites? And possibly add support to SVN, so that everybody can access the code easily...

    Antony Pranata

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