I've been trying to create a theme for my 6120Classic (s60 3rd ed), and first tried the Theme Studio 1.2.1. Got told that the sis can't be installed.

Question 1) Is the 1.2.1 only for 2nd edition?

As I suspect the answer is yes, I have now downloaded the Carbide ui. All I really want to do is add a picture to the top of a theme I've got, and use that picture as standard background (ie in the background of calendars, etc). I haven't got a vector editor, but I've got Photoshop. However, as the background file is a svg file, is it impossible to edit it in Photoshop? I've tried saving the file as bmp, but no luck. (I have set Photoshop as bmp editor, and tried downloading a vector program as vector editor, but the program made no sense to little old me)

Question 2) How do I get the picture I want as a background? Are there any svg editors for dummies out there? Or any way I can get Photoshop (which I'm comfortable with) to funcion?