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    Password behaviour of Symbian keystore


    we have just managed to establish a WLAN connection with an E65 using EAP-TLS. This is working fine.

    But after each restart of the device the keystore password has to be entered when establishing the first WLAN connection.

    This is a problem for us for 2 reasons:
    - It is annoying for the users - they just want to use their phone without entering a password (in case of stolen devices the corresponding user name of the certificate could be deactivated at the Radius server).

    - It could be seen as a security risk by CIO. They would like that phones are prepared by an administrator who installs certificates in regular intervals (maybe using the Nokia Intellisync Device Manager). The user should not even know the password and therefore cannot change the certificate store or export certificates.

    So the question is, if the password handling of the keystore can be changed, so that the password is mandatory for changes in the keystore or export of certificates, but is not necessary for using a certificate for authentication?

    With kind regards from the Old City of Vienna,


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    Re: Password behaviour of Symbian keystore

    Did you ever get an answer to this?

    This is exactly the problem I'm getting. The impact is large.

    In my case I have a key for EAP-TLS wifi access. I also use truphone (or indeed internal internet telephone) on Nokia N95 8Gb.

    During startup the phone will attempt to registed, and as part of this will try to associate/connect to the protected AP. This results in the password prompt. **BUT** at the same time the device's power consumption ROCKETS from ~.20-.40W up to ~ 1.5W, resulting in a warm powerless device.

    This problem does not occur when the AP is not eap-tls protected. It seems to be co-incident with the key store password prompt, hence why I'd like to try disabling it.

    Bottom line - internet telephone support does NOT work properly if AP protected by digital cert.


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    Re: Password behaviour of Symbian keystore


    I´m developing a program to autenticate using digital certificates. I´m working with c++ to achieve this objetive. Did you use this languaje to do yours programs?
    First I did the same with a Java MIDlet, but, I´m trying to do with c++ to avoid pops ups and for get access to secure data.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Password behaviour of Symbian keystore

    Password Request issue can be solved by moving the certificate from Personal certificates to Phone certificates.



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