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    is S60 2nd FP3 MIDP SDK for nokia 6600 development

    i download S60 2nd FP3 MIDP SDK to develop app for nokia 6600 and i add it on netbeans

    is this SDK for nokia 6600 ?
    where i can download the documentation for this SDK exactly ?
    i need all documentation for bluetooth, SMS,,,,,,,

    thanks in advance.

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    Re: is S60 2nd FP3 MIDP SDK for nokia 6600 development

    You can use that SDK too, although 6600 is a 2nd Edition device, not a 2nd Edition Feature Pack 3 devices. Just remember to change the project settings to CLDC 1.0 before compiling as 6600 does not support CLDC 1.1.

    The SDK contains all the relevant documentation. You can also download more documentation from here

    Also see the supported Java APIs in here


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    Re: is S60 2nd FP3 MIDP SDK for nokia 6600 development

    related to your post. ive tried SDK 2nd FP3for j2me.i have nokia 6600. i install it in netbeans 6.1. but when i create a project i can not use cldc 1.0. did u know this thing? do you have SDK for nokia 6600? i've got into many sites but no one give me the right SDK. plesss f u have, can u share the link or the file.
    here is my email johndavediuyan@gmail.com


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