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    Failed to launch emulator failed.

    Hi. im having issues with the S60 emulator 3rd ed fp1

    im using netbeans 5.5,JDK 6.0_01 , jre 1.5,1.6
    the emulator worked great untill now.
    i have alot of application working
    with the emulator right now,
    besides the current project im working on.

    i get the following error
    when i run the project from netbeans ide i get this error:
    java.lang.RuntimeException: command failed with symbian error code: -10512

    how ever if open the project from the emulator , installing it , and running it directly from the emulator it works just fine.

    i saw some 1-2 posts about it in the forum with no concrete answer
    i need help asap. any idea what would cause this...

    here is a screen shoot for more details about the error:

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    Re: Failed to launch emulator failed.

    Ok , i managed to solve that with the "Baboon method"
    i simply created a new project in the IDE ,
    i copied all the files from the bugged project to the new project.

    and now the same project is running ,
    so the conclusion , something in the project configuration was wrong
    and i dont have the time to check what exactly.

    so if anyone runs into this problem use my "baboon method".
    or start checking your project configuration.


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    Re: Failed to launch emulator failed.


    I get

    Failed to launch the emulator failed.
    java.lang.RuntimeException:command failed with Symbian error code: - 10512.

    After some investigation, the S60 emulator doesn't seen to work with signed JAD/JAR, when I removed the signing all worked fine.

    Nokia please FIX!

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