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    Multiple select on Nokia 9210

    I am trying to make a multiple dropdown list on Nokia 9210, but it won't show up. The code looks like this:

    <select multiple name="myDropDown" id="dd1">
    <option id="value1">Value 1</option>

    A normal single dropdown works fine, but not the multiple. Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong here?


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    RE: Multiple select on Nokia 9210


    Please see below a simple example code of a multiple selection list. See "WAP Service Developer's Guide for the Nokia 9210 Communicator" for further information and e.g. screen shots. The document is available at http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/1,35452,1_1_15,00.html.

    <select name="models" title="Products" multiple="true">
    <option>Nokia 7650</option>
    <option>Nokia 3650</option>
    <option>Nokia 9210i Communicator</option>

    A selection list is opened by focusing on the input box and pressing the 1st Comman Button Area (CBA) button for "Change". The select list appears. A multiple-selection list has two windows; the left one is for unselected items and the right one contains the selected items. The title of the non-selected items pane is the select element?s title or if one has not been defined, the default text displayed is "Not selected". The title of the selected items pane is "Selected". The user can switch focus between the two dialog boxes with the tab key.

    Kind regards,
    Satu/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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