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    Synchronize Outlook with Nokia PhoneBook

    Hi we r juggling in Synchronizing the Outlook Exp. with Our Nokia Phone Book.


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    Re: Synchronize Outlook with Nokia PhoneBook

    Care to part with some details? Simple things, like explaining what exactly you are attempting to do, and what happens (including any and all error codes or error messages displayed or returned to your code). Wouldn't also hurt to post a code snippet or two to show what you're attempting to do. A few words mentioning which phone you're trying it with, what SDKs you're using, etc., wouldn't hurt, either.

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    Re: Synchronize Outlook with Nokia PhoneBook

    In spite of much exchange of emails with local Nokia support, I have still not been able to resolve the error 83860005 whan I try to sync my C7 with Outlook.

    Judging by my research on the Internet, literally thousands of people are having the same issue-but none of the answers I tried wored.

    WHY can't PCSuite be used to synchronise the C7 with Outlook? I have used it for several years without any issues? THIS IS NOT PROGRESS!!!!!!

    I rely on my smartphone for business purposes as I am out of the office quite a lot, and quite frankly I am considering binning the C7, and either going back to my old E61i, or simply moving to another manufacturer.

    NOKIA should be doing something about it, and the length of time they have been aware of the issues, and done absolutely nothing, leads me to believe that they have no interest in supporting the devices they sell, and do not care about maintaining previously loyal Nokia users.

    I hope that you will escalate this to the highest level.

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