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    FAILED GEN-02 Stress Test

    I am using SYMBIAN SIGNED PRE-CERTIFICATION TOOL - EKA2 v.1.2.0 for testing application for signing in 3rd edition but testing aborted with following errors in log file---

    FAILED GEN-02 Stress Test.
    OK Run tested app while sending rapid key events.

    FAILED MEM-02 Low Storage Memory During Execution.
    OK App can be run while storage mem is low & will not fill storage.
    OK Close app before test, in case running already.
    OK Running of app recording. Should not terminate unexpectedly.
    OK App can be closed gracefully within 15 s timeout.

    not run PHN-01 Service Interruption. (call, SMS, MMS, alarm, charger)
    OK Application is launched.

    FAIL Running of app. Should not terminate unexpectedly.

    not run PHN-02 Unexpected Reboot

    pls help me to clear these steps i ve cleared around 7 steps but in these cases i m not getting
    any clue........

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    Re: FAILED GEN-02 Stress Test

    Hi Winsys,

    The testing tool available on Symbian Signed is not cannonical, you should see it as help, but it's far more valuable to study the Symbian Signed criteria and verify at QA stage that your application is in line with these criteria. This is of course also applicable for the Nokia Testing criteria. Please note that the Testing Houses are not using this tool.

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