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    Unbelievable - xHTML devices

    I have hunted high and low to find a conclusive answer as to which mobile devices are available in the UK that conclusively support xHTML/Wap 2.0 and cannot find a definitive answer.

    Everywhere on the internet I find these articles telling me how 'wonderful' xHTML/WAP 2.0 is in relation to Wap 1.0. I've started writing an xHTML app using an emulator to test on, but sooner or later my boss is going to want me to demo it on a device. I'm going to look a complete spanner if there's no devices available in the UK with WAP 2.0 browser compatability.

    The Nokia homepage seems to show that every phone available only supports Wap 1.2.1 (which I assume is not Wap 2.0). I've called Nokia and nobody in Nokia UK offices can tell me a phone that will definitely support Wap 2.0. I've been to every mobile phone shop in town and they can't even pronounce 'WAP', let alone offer advice.

    Someone previously asked this question on this forum and was told by the Nokia Forum Developer Support itself to have a look at the Nokia website for an answer.

    I find it hard to believe that a company the size of Nokia cannot answer a simple question with a simple answer with regard to their own product's specifications.

    I've unofficially heard that the 6200 and 6590 support WAP 2.0/xHTML. Can someone PLEEEEAAASSEEEE confirm this or any other device.

    Why aren't there more devices supporting xHTML when WAP 2.0 white papers go back to 2001??

    Sorry, just very frustrated here. Please help!!



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    RE: Unbelievable - xHTML devices


    Nokia has launched a few WAP 2.0 compliant phones, most of them targeted at the US market. Nokia 3650 is currently the only device for European markets. It is expected to be available in the 1st quarter 2003. Nokia 3650 has a dual-mode browser which supports XHTML Mobile Profile with WAP CSS and WML 1.x. Other Nokia phones shipping with the dual-mode browser are:

    - Nokia 3590 (US)
    - Nokia 6200 (US)
    - Nokia 6590 (US)
    - Nokia 5100 (US)

    Hopefully I was able to help.

    Kind regards,
    Satu/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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