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    Question 6030 Call divert problem

    Call settings -> Call divert -> Divert all voice calls
    Divert if busy
    Divert if not answered
    Divert if out of reach
    Divert if not available
    Divert all fax calls
    Divert all data calls
    Cancel all diverts

    I want to know what the different between 4 and 5 item Divert if out of reach VS Divert if not available

    thanks a lot.

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    Re: 6030 Call divert problem


    Divert if out of reach = If there are no network coverage

    Divert if not available = power off

    What you thing, are those correct ones?


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    Re: 6030 Call divert problem

    Yeah Thats Right Tumpelo

    -Pankaj Nathani

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