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    Incoming call problem with media player

    I am testing on a Series 60 3rd Edition device for an incoming call while I have a video playing and I am getting an Unhandled Exception prompt on the device that I can't work out where it is coming from and how to handle it. Currently if I select to not close the application it runs fine but does not pass testing.

    My application handles incoming calls fine when the video is not playing including while having a seperate thread running that continues to run in the background fine.

    My video canvas, video control and player are located inside a seperate thread that runs from my midlet and I request that this thread is stopped on midlet.pauseApp()

    I also have a PlayerListener that should do all the clean up required if it gets a PlayerListener.CLOSED event.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of what is called / may happen when an incoming call (which I understand to be a pauseApp()) event occurs?

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    Re: Incoming call problem with media player

    Nope, no pauseApp calls on S60 (or Series 40). hideNotify is being called though...


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