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    Question E60 & E65: can't dial 20-99 via SIP


    i have a problem with the E60/E65.

    I can't dial the numbers between 20 till 99 via SIP.
    We have a Asterisk PBX. Other numbers work perfectly.

    The NOKIA Support Hotline can't or dont't want to help me. I don't know.

    The E60 has the Software-Version: 3.0633.09.04
    The E65 has the Software-Version: 1.0633.18.01

    The configuration is equal to the configuration, which NOKIA said to set.

    I hope anyone out there has the same problem like us. And I think so, because we have the Problems at several customers.


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    Re: E60 & E65: can't dial 20-99 via SIP

    Sounds like a dialpan problem to me. Check your extensions.conf on your asterisk server to ensure that the XX-> or NX -> extensions are defined properly. If you have a diaplan rule like XXX ->, that will only match three digit numbers, you'll also need XX -> to match two digit ones.

    I have an E70 and dial 99 via SIP all the time and works just fine. A number like 999 however wouldn't work for me because I don't have that extension defined in that context.

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