I am attempting to load custom Landmarks onto a new 6110 Navigator with the latest software.

I have created an lmx file in accordance with Landmarks Exchange Format Specification Version 1.0. I transfer the file to the phone and open it with the Landmarks manager which automatically offers to save it. So far so good.

Landmarks with positive longitudes work fine and appear on their correct positions on the maps. Landmarks with negative longitudes such as <lm:longitude>-0.98801325</lm:longitude> are accepted by the phone and appear as West when viewed in edit on the phone. However, when you select show on map the longitude appears to be misinterpreted - The push pin is placed at the correct latitude but at a positive longitude. For example, Reading in the UK appears in the Thames estuary.

When I manually create a Landmark on the phone with a west longitude the same thing happens suggesting that the problem is more general than just the format of the of lmx file. Perhaps there is a problem with the integration with Route 66 on this phone.

Can anyone help please?