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    AppTestLite locks the phone

    I am trying to test my application before sending it to SymbianSigned.
    I Installed ApptestLite , then I copied my application in e:\SymbianSigned
    I run AppTestLite, it installs and starts my application: the first screen appears.
    Then I am locked because I cannot use the application menu: when I click on the left button of the phone I can hear the sound but the menu does not appear. The phone seems to be frozen. I have to reboot.

    My device is a E61. The application works fine without AppTestLite!!!

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    Re: AppTestLite locks the phone

    Hi Adinkesp,

    It seems that AppLite is generating some discussions.
    This kind of behaviour can happen when using the testing tool. You can encounter incompatibilities between the application under test and the AppLite).
    It’s better to study the criteria and verify that the application is in line with them rather than spending time and money to sort out this kind of problem. The AppLite is not used by the testing House.

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