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    Question Get existing RWindowGroup of foreground app (not my)

    Hi, all!

    To get foreground app i use this code:

    RWsSession ws;
    TApaTaskList taskList = TApaTaskList(ws);
    TApaTask foregroundTask = taskList.FindByPos(0);

    How can i get RWindowGroup of this foregroundTask?

    I use RWindowGroup &wg = iEikonEnv->RootWin(); to get RWindowGroup of my application. But can't get RWindowGroup of this foregroundTask.

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    Re: Get existing RWindowGroup of foreground app (not my)

    I don't know your reason for doing this (so the answer might be off topic) and if it is done in a background running server (which I assume) but if you look in this example you will find a way of writing an observer for the foreground. This will allow you to access the window server when something changes in the foreground. Have a look at the RWsSession functions and try from there.

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    Re: Get existing RWindowGroup of foreground app (not my)

    thanks. Reason - remote control my app1 from my app2.

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