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    MFStandardExample problem


    I just updated my phone to firmware 5.11 but the MFStandardExample midlet doesn't work on the phone. I always get a Java.lang.SecurityExeption.

    I tracked it back to this line:
    conn = (MFStandardConnection) Connector.open(internalUrl);

    i checked if the internalUrl is right and displayed it on the phone, it seems correct: nfc:rf;rype=mf;mode=internal

    screen.append("Connecting to internal tag.\n");
    String internalUrl = System.getProperty("internal.mf.url");
    screen.append("Connected to internal tag.\n");
    //exception gets thrown here:
    conn = (MFStandardConnection) Connector.open(internalUrl);
    screen.append("Connected to internal tag.\n");

    Do i need special security settings to connect to the internal Mifare card? Or what else have i done wrong?

    The example works perfectly in the emulator with an external reader (Omnikey CardMan5321) plus a mifare 4k card.

    thanks in advance,

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    Re: MFStandardExample problem

    This is because your midlet isn't signed. Without a signed midlet you will be unable to access any part of the secure element.

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    Re: MFStandardExample problem

    Eventhough the manual says that you need to have your midlet signed, the code you mention works for me without the midlet being signed. I also have firmware 5.11. I must say that I was suprised that it worked, without signing the midlet.

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