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    Widsets VS Nokia Series 60 widgets

    Hi all,

    I write this post because I am a little confused in mobile widgets development. The case is that I started to research about "Widsets" platform, using the sdk launched and his new language (helium), but reading some blogs I have found that nokia has launched or is going to launch other widgets platform for series 60, being possible to port PC widgets to mobile easily. I have some doubts about it, because I don't know if browser of series 60 phones will support all javascript functions of PC browsers...

    Anyone can help me about it? Where can I found some information about developing widgets for series 60 using same languages than PC widgets?


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    Re: Widsets VS Nokia Series 60 widgets

    Widsets is based on Java (J2ME).

    S60 web runtime is described here:

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    Re: Widsets VS Nokia Series 60 widgets

    As petrib mentioned, Widsets is a standalone application. It has its own engine to render your "widgets".

    Meanwhile, S60 Widget will be completely different thing. I saw the demo on Nokia Connection 2007. It is based on S60 Web runtime. I don't know the detail yet; but my guess: Nokia will provide a tool that allows us to convert XHTML/AJAX-based application into a package (most probably .sis?). The package contains a launcher and our Web application.

    When the end-user receives the package and install it; he will see an icon the S60 main menu. When he clicks it; the launcher will be launched. It will then initialize Web runtime and load your Web application. So, from user's point of view, it looks like a standalone application; although everything is Web application.

    It is very different to Widsets because the user has to run Widsets application to launch yours. On S60 Widget, you run your application on the top of S60 Web runtime, which is a native engine.
    Antony Pranata

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    Re: Widsets VS Nokia Series 60 widgets


    Has anyone found a single working example of a AJAX Widget running on Nokia E62? I tried testing my Nokia E62 with Nokia's Browser and as well as Opera's latest browser for AJAX support using Frost. But it failed the test for AJAX. Does this mean that I cannot make AJAX widgets for Nokia? So far I have searched everywhere for a simple step by step example of hello world widget and found none. I mean I did not find a working one. Can someone provide me some insight. I seem to be lost in this excersise!

    FROST also provides an AJAX support test page - if you point your mobile browser at http://pwmwa.com/frost, it will perform a number of tests, and report on whether they were successful or nt.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Widsets VS Nokia Series 60 widgets

    Widgets will be compressed as simple .zip files - but renamed as .WGZ
    The 3.2 S60 platform will recognize them, and decompress them to the right folder - you can even include icons. There is no security signing and an easy online distribution route.

    Each widget opens a new instance of the browser engine - but without the "front end" - meaning that embedded media like Flash Lite will work too.

    If you want to develop and test widgets - install the latest 3.2 SDK - or test online using Forum Nokia Remote Device Access - where we have several "live" phones available for testing.

    You are right to point out that a lot of Desktop Ajax/Dashboard Widgets techniques not work - due to interface or cpu or screen size - but there is still a huge scope for innovative and useful stuff to be created.

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