Imagine all the people around the globe to be connected. One world in which we find and share happiness, interests, dreams and wishes. Wherever you are, whenever you want!
It really is not just a dream any more. The Nimbuzz technology is giving new meaning to mobile communication. AND WE ARE HIRING…

Think about it… being part of one of the top start-up companies in Europe that will change the face of mobile communication, working with enthusiastic people and having super career opportunities. Nimbuzz is currently recruiting the best of the best.
If this sounds like a blast and you are top of the bill, then drop us a quick note with your resume attached. Because we might be looking for YOU!

The Senior MIDP Developer is part of the Nimbuzz Mobile development branch of Nimbuzz. You will be working on the design, implementation, testing and technical documentation of Nimbuzz’ leading edge mobile application software on all MIDP (mobile Java) enabled devices. You’ll be a key team member in driving new features onto our mobile client software.
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Senior MIDP Developer will have the following key responsibilities:
• Plan, design, and implement our leading edge Nimbuzz software on all Java enabled phones.
• Develop and execute unit test suites for these applications.
• Provide input to the design and architecture of the overall Nimbuzz’ services solutions.
• Investigate and fix bugs.
• Produce design and test documentation.

• At least 3 years experience in programming MIDP phones.
• Experience with programming on other platforms, Windows Mobile, BREW, Palm OS or embedded Linux is advantageous.
• Strong mobile application domain knowledge is desirable.
• Knowledge of SMS, WAP, and OTA is desirable.
• Self-motivated, with the ability to work independently in a team environment.
• Good understanding of the general software development cycle.
• Affinity with IM, chatting, communities, etc is very desirable.

• Bachelor of Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent.
• Comfortable in speaking and writing in English.

If interested, please email your resume and cover letter to