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    Unhappy midlet ok in 6230i and yet out of memory in 6300!


    I have been writing a j2me game on my nokia 6230i and its working fine so far.
    Two days ago I got a new 6300 and obviously yesterday I decided to give it a trial run of my code.

    I was shocked to see that the 6300 cant initialise my game. It reports out of memory during the initialisation phase.

    What is happening?
    Is there a debug skd just for the 6300? I use the 6230i sdk to debug my code but its working fine there so I have no idea on how to check whats wrong with the 6300.

    I also noticed that the memory available on this phone is really lame. 9MB total? still I have 3MB free at the moment (ring tones and etc are taking some space)

    Any advice?

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    Re: midlet ok in 6230i and yet out of memory in 6300!

    the heapsize is whats causing the error message im afraid. the heapsize in this phone is a joke. what kind of stuff can you develop on a 2mb heapsize?

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