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    N95 / E70 Bluetooth Server


    I'm trying to run the Games over Bluetooth demo from Nokia, but I got a strange problem.
    The DiscoverConnect starts ok, I can even put it in server mode.
    But no other phone recognizes the N95 as it's server.
    I have the same problem with E70.

    I tried to use a K510i as the server, with the same midlet. With the K510i as the server, Nokia phones (E70,N95) found it ok in client mode, but I got another error... NULL URI.

    I tried the Bluetooth example that came with Netbeans... but the server demo also fails without a reason.

    I need to implement a bluetooth server on N95...
    but I don't know if I have to do something special on Series 60 3rd phones.

    The jars are not signed. On the K510i I receive a warning and the phone asks permission to run a Bluetooth server. I don't get this message in Nokia phones...

    All phones Bluetooth are working ok. I can transfer files from my computer to them. They are also paired among them.

    What I'm missing here?

    Thank you

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    All S60 devices I tested so far could not be made Bluetooth-visible from within a MIDlet. You have to do that manually from the normal Bluetooth menu. The Null-URI bug is solved there…

    Happy bug hunting. You will find many more bugs like these, so I recommend to learn JSR-82 from the ground via its book and the PDF which comes with the specification. Then learn how to do on-device debugging.

    Furthermore, you should learn about code-siging and avoid it.

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