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    6600 navigation key emulator

    Hi i'm struggling with my Nokia 6600, the navigation joystick does not want to move to the left and right.

    So I would like to wright a background program to emulate these key's, that when I hold down the "copy key" ,the one below the menu button, and press 4 or 6 respectively, the navigation key is emulated to move left and right.

    The thing is i have no idea how to start this project or what i need to do.
    Please help me ?


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    Re: 6600 navigation key emulator

    Hello Stephan,

    the Java Midp security model does not allow programms to create key events.
    I think this is good, because it protects the user from malware. If you would be able to create key presses by software, you could do everthing with the phone.


    Karsten Meier

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