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    Connectivity problem

    I wrote a client-server communication program, server side using J2SE, client side using J2ME. I installed it into my mobile N73 but I dunno how to enter the IP address of the server. I thought I can use but it fails.

    1. I want to ask if my mobile is connected to my laptop through cable, can I use the mobile to access my laptop's internet service? If so, through what service to access Internet?
    2. Does the address of the mobile appear in the internet?
    3. If the server is setup on that laptop, what IP address should I enter?


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    Re: Connectivity problem

    chesschi ,am having a problem that almost the same as urs ,its my graduation project the main idea is to connect my smart phone to dedicated server using access point based on "J2me and j2ee technology " put am having connection problems plzz if u know have any advices since start in it my email is mrmr_m60@hotmail.com i will be thankful for ur help.

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