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    Burn on LCD screen

    Device Nokia 6110 Navigator

    I am writing an application that will run a backlight 10hrs per day. The device will be in a cradle so battery life is not my concern but the long-term effect on the LCD screen.

    Does anyone have any history of the effect of backlighting a screen for such extended periods? What about an educated guess - anyone?

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    Re: Burn on LCD screen

    no idea actually, but I'd guess that (as with most stuff) the most critical moment is switching it on or off.... so by keeping it switched on all the time, well that should be doable... btw an lcd screen doesnt make light on its own, it got lights around it or behind it... unless its an OLED display...

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    Re: Burn on LCD screen

    Well, there is an external link that may be similar with what you're looking for, check this out:

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