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    redirection not handled by 6101 and 6230

    I posted before to this group in regard to a redirection not working on a 6230. Now i find the same issue with a 6101.

    What i am doing is redirecting to a page immediately after a postback. So, the user posts a form and after some logic, the user is redirected to another page. This works on all handsets i have tested with except the 2 handsets mentioned.

    in the case of the 6101, I *repeatedly* get a message: "data you are sending will be redirected to another server:..." + URL. In the case of the 6230, I get: "Send data to..." + URL, repeatedly.

    I have tried changing the post method to GET and had the same problem. I have tried changing the redirection method to a meta refresh tag and the browser didn't even see it.

    I believe this is a common problem with a (hopefully) common solution. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: redirection not handled by 6101 and 6230

    I have a solution for those who'd like to know. Changing the form method to GET does work, provided you rewrite all your onclick event handlers (asp.net) to work off the querystring collection... kind of nasty but necessary with these handsets... Oh now i have to look out for URLs longer than 255 characters.

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