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    Lightbulb About the sip registry problem

    When my program begin,
    I launch a sip registry with "Enable Profile", and it is OK.
    Now, I want to repeat to send the message of registry,
    but it is not work,

    What can I do if I want to repeat send the "REGISTER sip:server..."
    every 1 minute.
    Is it CSIPRegistryBinding ? how to use it?
    Thanks every body!
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    Re: About the sip registry problem


    The class CSIPRegistrationBinding can be used to refresh the registration (send SIP REGISTER request) after a specified interval. Put Expires parameter in the Contact header, when creating the CSIPRegistrationBinding instance,
    The shortest value that can be set is 60 seconds.

    Note that the REGISTER is sent roughtly when half of the specified time has elapsed, to guarantee the REGISTER request reaches server before full expiration time has elapsed.

    Also provide a CSIPRefresh instance to CSIPRegistrationBinding::NewLC.

    You can also manually refresh the registration, with CSIPRegistrationBinding::UpdateL.


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