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    Red face why?!!!!!!!!!!!! Play sound failed in uplink. (N76,N95)

    problemlay audio,but immediately jump to MdapcPlayComplete. (in N76,N95,N91, symbian OS 9.2 )

    implement:when phone in answering status, playing sound. already added Capability MultimediaDD

    case EAnswering:

    iPlayerUtility = CDrmPlayerUtility::NewFilePlayerL(_L("c:\\data\\sounds\\test.amr"),
    //It will call back to MdapcInitComplete

    void MdapcInitComplete(TInt aError, const TTimeIntervalMicroSeconds& /*aDuration*/)

    iState = aError ? ENotReady : EReadyToPlay;
    if(iState == EReadyToPlay)
    //on N76, It's already READY!!!!! but after playL(), it's jump to finish
    iPlayerUtility ->PlayL();


    void MdapcPlayComplete(TInt aError)
    //play finish callback

    #define KPriority 80
    #define KPerform 0x00060001

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    Re: why?!!!!!!!!!!!! Play sound failed in uplink. (N76,N95)

    the bug that enabled CDrmPlayerUtility usage for this purpose is fixed in latest SW versions, thus it is not working anymore. You gotta use APS instead.


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