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    Nokia E65 (S60 3rd Edition) installation problem

    Hello, I used already python on older phones and now I bought the E65. But I have a problem to install the python on this device, because it seems, that the *.py files are not associated with the application. Before I simply pushed my *.py script to phone via bluetooth and now when I push the *.py script, the notes are started when I click the file instead of python interpreter. What to do, I am not able now to start my script. Thanks for help and ideas.

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    Re: Nokia E65 (S60 3rd Edition) installation problem

    Hello Robert111

    Well you can try this.Firstly u need a filebrowser installed on your phone.May be a FExplorer will do.Now u have the .py files on your phone right! So just go to File->Open With-> and choose Python S60.
    Before doing this you should have python installed on ur device.

    Hope it helps,

    -Pankaj Nathani

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