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    SIP server registration fails with S60 emulator

    Hi ,

    Enabling profile in S60 emulator is not being possible with SIPEx example application, using UnDo SIP server. Is there any version compatibility issue between these two ?

    What should be the correct SIP setting in SIPEx application for ,
    1. Proxy server
    2. Registrar server
    3. Public user name

    Do i need to specify my own system ip anywhere in above 3 places? or all should be the other system ip which i try to connect ?

    I have tried with all the options , still does not work, below is the log where it gets stuck
    18/09/2007 4:25:46 Connection Manager::SendL
    18/09/2007 4:25:46 REGISTER sip:;transport=TCP SIP/2.0
    18/09/2007 4:25:46 Route: <sip:;lr;transport=TCP>
    18/09/2007 4:25:46 Via: SIP/2.0/TCP localhost;branch=z9hG4bKur8jpn6qjlhc6fk25l7c6aj
    18/09/2007 4:25:46 From: <sip:Jeetu@>;tag=bnj3pn3etdhc63045l79
    18/09/2007 4:25:46 To: <sip:Jeetu@>
    18/09/2007 4:25:46 Contact: <sip:Jeetu@;transport=TCP>;expires=3600
    18/09/2007 4:25:46 CSeq: 128065 REGISTER
    18/09/2007 4:25:46 Call-ID: auIYT0o6oIdmlOReNsUvsKY2TMwu1f
    18/09/2007 4:25:46 Supported: sec-agree
    18/09/2007 4:25:46 Max-Forwards: 70
    18/09/2007 4:25:46 Content-Length: 0

    Ethreal log does not show any SIP under protocol tab, instead it shows TCP.


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    Re: SIP server registration fails with S60 emulator

    You do not have to know the system (emulator's) IP.
    Why are you using TCP instead of UDP?
    It could be that your server is not supporting TCP.
    UDP is the default transport protocol for SIP
    and some old SIP servers only support UDP.

    Try to change from TCP to UDP:
    Proxy server -> Transport protocol: UDP
    Registrar server -> Transport protocol: UDP

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