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    How to run OnDo SIP server with S60 emulator(3rd edition)

    Hi ,

    Enabling profile in S60 emulator is not being possible with SIPEx example application, using UnDo SIP server. Is there any version compatibility issue between these two ?

    What should be the correct SIP setting in SIPEx application for ,
    1. Proxy server
    2. Registrar server
    3. Public user name

    Do i need to specify my own system ip anywhere in above 3 places? or all should be the other system ip which i try to connect ?

    I have tried with all the options , still does not work, below is the log where it gets stuck
    18/09/2007 4:25:46 Connection Manager::SendL
    18/09/2007 4:25:46 REGISTER sip:;transport=TCP SIP/2.0
    18/09/2007 4:25:46 Route: <sip:;lr;transport=TCP>
    18/09/2007 4:25:46 Via: SIP/2.0/TCP localhost;branch=z9hG4bKur8jpn6qjlhc6fk25l7c6aj
    18/09/2007 4:25:46 From: <sip:Jeetu@>;tag=bnj3pn3etdhc63045l79
    18/09/2007 4:25:46 To: <sip:Jeetu@>
    18/09/2007 4:25:46 Contact: <sip:Jeetu@;transport=TCP>;expires=3600
    18/09/2007 4:25:46 CSeq: 128065 REGISTER
    18/09/2007 4:25:46 Call-ID: auIYT0o6oIdmlOReNsUvsKY2TMwu1f
    18/09/2007 4:25:46 Supported: sec-agree
    18/09/2007 4:25:46 Max-Forwards: 70
    18/09/2007 4:25:46 Content-Length: 0

    Ethreal log does not show any SIP under protocol tab, instead it shows TCP.

    Any help pls?


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    Re: How to run OnDo SIP server with S60 emulator(3rd edition)


    Even I am having a simillar problem, I am not able to enable the profile, Can Anyone tell the answer???

    I have given my IP as the Proxy as well as the Register Server, I also started the SIP Server Emulator.exe, but still I am not able to register.

    Plz tell me what else I Have to do for the SIP Registration.


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