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    Smile Symbian C++ developers in Sydney

    Hi all,

    I was thinking recently about whether or not there are many Symbian C++ developers out there in Sydney, as i can't say i've ever met any! So i thought i'd write a quick post to find out.

    I'm a fairly new developer myself, but am aspiring to learning a lot more. I've got a few ideas i'm interested in developing further, so thought it'd be good to get in touch with some local gurus with some aspirations of their own.

    It'd be great to see some replies from anyone else in Sydney, perhaps we could chat a bit more some time too!


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    Re: Symbian C++ developers in Sydney

    Hey, I'm from brisbane - contact me on msn if u wanna chat.

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    Smile Re: Symbian C++ developers in Sydney

    hi thebucksstophere,

    My name is Michael
    I am in Sydney and have two more years experiences in Symbian OS.
    I am looking forward to talking with you. If you like, you can contact
    me at
    email / MSN : yxmaomao@hotmail.com
    mobile phone: 04 2074 8815

    P.S. anyone is welcome!

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