This isn't strictly Nokia related, but as I'm not really having a lot of luck finding info elsewhere, I thought I'd try here.

An application we're developing uses a SocketConnection to connect to our server. It's primarily a UK only application at the moment, and has been tested on most of the major UK networks; Orange, O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone. It works fine on various handsets on the first 3, but on Vodafone (using a Nokia 6300 and a Sony Ericsson K800) it won't connect at all using the standard APN (contract WAP), but if the Contract Internet APN is selected it works fine. I've been able to switch the APN being used on the K800, but apparently it's not possible on the 6300.

Ideally we need the app to work with a minimum of user intervention and after looking into it, some suggestions were that we needed to have the application signed and we'd then be able to use a SocketConnection over the WAP APN. This is now done, with a properly purchased Verisign cert, however we still have the same problem.

Has any one had any success with Sockets over the WAP APN on Vodafone?

Thanks in advance,