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    Angry How can export static const member from dll?

    How can export static const member from dll? As follows:

    class IMPORT_C CMyDLL
    IMPORT_C int getData();
    IMPORT_C void setData(int d);

    static const int SSData;
    int iData;

    #include "DLLClass.h"
    GLDEF_C TInt E32Dll(TDllReason )
    iData = 0;
    EXPORT_C int CMyDLL::getData()
    return iData;
    EXPORT_C void CMyDLL::setData(int d)
    iData = d;

    EXPORT_C const int CMyDLL::SSData = 10;

    After freeze, the WINS.def don't list "CMyDLL::SSData", and ARM.def can export "CMyDLL::SSData". It can success to link the dll of ARM. But when the App call CMyDLL::SSData, the App aborts.
    How can do this?


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    Re: How can export static const member from dll?

    I have no real idea, however you have no IMPORT_C for SSData in the header. And there is always a choice of providing a getter method instead of exporting a constant/variable.

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    Re: How can export static const member from dll?

    I don't understand why you want to do this.

    However, if you have a static constant data entry in the dll then why not just replace it with a #define value in the interface header (unless it's for a dll version or something like that)?

    Or, if you really want provide a getter method as wizard_hu_ suggests.


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