hello again all... (sorry if my english bad)

i wanna ask some question :
1. how to recurse every folder on a drive and search file in every folder of it
2. how to install pyd to private folder on s60 3rd? i've made sis that will install files to c:\sys\lib or c:\resource. i've made 3 sis, unsigned, self sign and developer sign. If i install using unsigned and self signed, phone tell me capabilities not bla bla (i am forget the error). Then i signed it using developer certificate which i get from symbian free but the phone still tell me error unable to install. why? is it if we want to install some file to private folder we need more high access certificate or am i wrong in making sis?
3. i wanna make such message application that can replace smiley :-) to emoticon if we open new sms we got and contain smiley or we create one,how to make it in python?

thanx for the replies... (sorry..sorry for my english)