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    Help regarding Application Development for Mobile Phones

    This mail is for any body and every body,
    I want to learn to develop mobile phone applications but i am not able to start up with any thing.

    REASON:I dont know any thing about Application development for Mobile phones, more i search web to find out answer to my questions more i get confused, my basic question is what PLATFORM to to choose to start my developing and learnings, till now i have developed desktop applications in .Net and Java, where .Net is more developer friendly on the other side Java is easily portable and platform independent. I stared my search for a platform amongst them, but my search landed me in more confusion when i started looking in NOKIA FORUM because there i saw so many platforms, SDK's and tools like carbide.vs, symbian c++ etc.......... my confusion has no limits now, but i am very much intrested to start up with application development for mobile phones.

    What i expect from this Post :
    Answer to some of my major questions listed below:

    1)General description of this Mobile Application Development(=MAD).
    2)Which platform will serve me as the best to start as a beginner, a platform that has the capability to do any thing and every thing, a platform that is stand alone and one last thing a platform that can teach me smallest basics of this MAD process, i would love to learn things from the basics.
    3) And what sort of tools are there in the market as of now to help in such developments and how are they different from SDKs and IDE's.
    4)Where to find the study material on the suggested platform.
    5)Last but not the least, as a lot of advancements have been made in this field, i feel left out, can i catch up with the current advancements, if yes how much efforts do i need to put.

    Finally thanks to everyone who has spent time reading this LONG post, i will be gratefull if you can give me as much as details possible, regarding the above confusions that i have in this matter.

    Please mail me at mail2SagarGupta@gmail.com

    Thanks and Regards
    Sagar Gupta

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    Re: Help regarding Application Development for Mobile Phones


    In my openion symbian c++ is the best option.

    you will get a lot of documents and example codes from

    or searching in http://newlc.com/

    you will get basic ideas about mobile application development from this page.


    Best Regards,

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