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    Need Help regarding Application Development for Mobile Phones

    This mail is for any body and every body,
    I want to learn to develop mobile phone applications but i am not able to start up with any thing.

    REASON:I dont know any thing about Application development for Mobile phones, more i search web to find out answer to my questions more i get confused, my basic question is what PLATFORM to to choose to start my developing and learnings, till now i have developed desktop applications in .Net and Java, where .Net is more developer friendly on the other side Java is easily portable and platform independent. I stared my search for a platform amongst them, but my search landed me in more confusion when i started looking in NOKIA FORUM because there i saw so many platforms, SDK's and tools like carbide.vs, symbian c++ etc.......... my confusion has no limits now, but i am very much intrested to start up with application development for mobile phones.

    What i expect from this Post :
    Answer to some of my major questions listed below:

    1)General description of this Mobile Application Development(=MAD).
    2)Which platform will serve me as the best to start as a beginner, a platform that has the capability to do any thing and every thing, a platform that is stand alone and one last thing a platform that can teach me smallest basics of this MAD process, i would love to learn things from the basics.
    3) And what sort of tools are there in the market as of now to help in such developments and how are they different from SDKs and IDE's.
    4)Where to find the study material on the suggested platform.
    5)Last but not the least, as a lot of advancements have been made in this field, i feel left out, can i catch up with the current advancements, if yes how much efforts do i need to put.

    Finally thanks to everyone who has spent time reading this LONG post, i will be gratefull if you can give me as much as details possible, regarding the above confusions that i have in this matter.

    Please mail me at mail2SagarGupta@gmail.com

    Thanks and Regards
    Sagar Gupta

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    Re: Need Help regarding Application Development for Mobile Phones

    One more thing i want to add is that as of now i have started reading a book on J2ME looking at java's platform independence.

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    Re: Need Help regarding Application Development for Mobile Phones


    J2ME (Java to Micro Edition) is easy for beginners, and considering you have some experience with java, it may be easier for you.

    If target devices you want to develop to run Symbian operating system, you could consider programming in Symbian C++.It's not as easy as J2ME, but Symbian C++ has the broadest access to system resources, while J2ME is more restrict.

    These are the 2 most popular languages, but of course, there are others, like Flash, OpenC, Python...

    You can read (at forum nokia home) more info about development tools.But first, you need to decide what platform you want to develop to.

    Keep in mind there are different platforms (even for a same language).For example, if you choose programming in Symbian C++, you have platforms like:

    S60 1st edition
    S60 2nd edition
    S60 3rd edition

    There are changes in codes from one platform to another, what makes the application not able to be run in all platforms that use that same language.That's due to different APIs, and security restrictions that have been implemented.

    Basically, the very first thing you need to decide is what platform (and not what language) you want to develop to.

    Inside that platform, you can see the supported languages and take your next steps.

    best regards
    NokiaN80-1/3.0 (4.0707.0.7)

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    Re: Need Help regarding Application Development for Mobile Phones


    Basically i'm a J2ME developer. I'm having c++ knowledge also. Now i would like to start developing the mobile application especially for Nokia using Symbian c++.

    I am little confused, Please help me

    I thought as like Java, a applications developed in Symbian c++ code should run in all Nokia mobiles or at least application developed using s60 SDK should run in all the s60 series mobiles. But it was not so.Fine.

    Any how i'am decided to start learning and developing app. Because i need to access mobile resource a lot, it's not possible in J2ME.

    As of now i have downloaded carbide c++, now i want to download any one the following Platform

    s60 second edition,
    s60 second edition (initial release), Futer pack 1, 2 and 3.
    s60 third edition, Future Pack 1,2,
    s60 fifth edition.

    So many!!

    Here i want to clarify, which platform covers many number of handsets?
    (For ex: s60 5th Edition covers only 3 types of handsets)

    If i would develop an application in third edition, whether it will support in higher version?

    To cover most of s60 series handsets, how many different versions of coding i need to write?

    Your valuable inputs may help me to sort out many issues..

    Please help me.Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Need Help regarding Application Development for Mobile Phones

    You probably are OK with the S60 3rd ed that covers pretty much every S60 in the past 3 years. Of course you can't do any Series 40 devices as they are Java. Go to the devices page and you can search for and find the various versions of devices.

    You might want to look into Qt that should provide a good framework for most S60 devices and is simpler than Symbian C++


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    Re: Need Help regarding Application Development for Mobile Phones

    Thanks for your reply sir,

    I have successfully installed the Carbide.C++ and S60 Future pack 1. I can be able to run the sample programs in it.

    After read your reply, i have gone through QT for sometime. its seem very easy than Symbian c++. I would like to start studying QT, before that i need few answers sir.

    1) I should study both Symbian c++ and QT or only QT?
    2) Is it possible to develop applications in QT as like Symbian C++?
    3) Is it possible to run QT application in all S60 mobiles by rebuilding it?
    4) I want to know weather QT will replace Symbian c++ development in future?

    Based on your reply only i ll move further sir.

    Then one more help, I have installed Qt tower and open C++ plugin to run a sample Qt application in my system.

    I followed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYffS...eature=related video tutorial.

    But its throwing lot of warning when i run the program. So i search for another tutorial, i found someone using QT Garden and running qt application.

    My question, which one i install Tower or garden.? i searched in net sir, i didn't find answer, that's why i am asking u.

    Please sent any best tutorial to install and configure the QT.

    Thank u sir.

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    Re: Need Help regarding Application Development for Mobile Phones

    I have fond this in QT instruction guide.

    * Building Qt libraries requires RVCT 2.2 [build 616] or later, which is not available free of charge.

    Running Qt on real device requires the following packages to be installed on your device. The packages can be found in the S60 SDK where you installed Open C/C++:

    * nokia_plugin\openc\s60opencsis\pips_s60_<version>.sis
    * nokia_plugin\openc\s60opencsis\openc_ssl_s60_<version>.sis
    * nokia_plugin\opencpp\s60opencppsis\stdcpp_s60_<version>.sis

    i need to purchase anything? do i need to install any package in mobile to run Qt application.
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    Re: Need Help regarding Application Development for Mobile Phones


    want to buy any software to start the development in QT ?


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