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    Adding commands to device screens


    I'm trying to add commands to a device screen using Netbeans 5.5.1 + Mobility Pack:


    public Command get_okCommand1() {
    if (okCommand1 == null) {
    // Insert pre-init code here
    okCommand1 = new Command("Command", Command.OK, 1);
    // Insert post-init code here
    return okCommand1;

    Apparantly, when you have at least 3 commands on a screen (Select, Back, Help), the 3rd command is autommatically added into a sub command section called "Options" located on the bottom left side of the screen (The bottom of the screen shows "Options", "Select", "Back").

    I was wondering if there exists a way to avoid this "Options" item and have the item directly called "Help" as I want.

    Does anyone have any experience about that?



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    Re: Adding commands to device screens

    Unfortunately no. This is the way Series 40 phones handle the Commands in High-level UI


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    Re: Adding commands to device screens

    Thanks Hartti!

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