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    Passing variables from one class to another

    I seem to have a problem with what should be something I can normally do.
    I must be getting rusty.
    Anyways what I'm trying to do is trying to pass variables from my menu class into the game class for example:
    I have a team selection menu and i select team 1 and colour red.
    This equates to Team = 1, colour =2 for example.
    I then switch to the next class and displayable to the game engine.
    I would obviously want to use the variables stored from the previous class but using a method like this:


    public int getVariables()
    	return TeamArray[GeneralSelected][SoldierStereotypeSelected][ColourSelected];	
    and then calling it in the game engine class

    menu.getVariables ();
    is not going to work.
    Tried but never really expected it to work.
    Hopefully I've gotten the idea across of what I'm trying to do.

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    Re: Passing variables from one class to another

    Hey..are your team and color are member of Class Menu? If that is a case then u can make a constructor in which u pass color and the team, and u will get object of that class with those parameters.

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