I have a J2ME application that runs over GPRS to provide content to the mobile phone user. It sends images in real time and displays some textual information alongwith. I am using bitmap fonts for display of text. The app was coded for the series 60 2nd Ed screen size (176x208 pixels).

I now want to make the app available on Series 60 3rd edition phones. I would like to keep the same jar and not create a different jar for every different phone type.

I understand that there are 6 different screen sizes in these phones. I would like to know what all needs to be kept in mind when porting from 2nd ed to 3rd ed?

What is the best way to send different image sizes to the different phones (my app knows the phone model of the user). Is there some good way that I store only 1 image on the server, but at runtime, the images can be resized appropriately and sent?

Once again, I want to handle the different phones' form factors dynamically as opposed to creating a different jar.