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    Supporting WMLScript on current phones and operators

    I'm building an in-house application which uses WMLScript, and I'm having problems deploying it. The first problem was that recent phones (such as an E61 on T-Mobile UK) would not execute a file of type text/vnd.wap.wmlscript, but instead would download it and save it to the memory card. I've not found any discussion of this problem, but it can be seen with this example. The WML page calls the script, the script is delivered with the correct mime-type, and the phone opens a download window instead of executing the script.

    I got around this by pre-compiling the script, and serving the compiled script with mime type application/vnd.wap.wmlscriptc. This worked across a wide range of phones, except for Vodafone UK. I fixed this problem by spending an hour phoning around Vodafone until I found someone who could exclude my site from "Mobile Internet Optimisation". This "optimisation" seems to include dropping files of type application/vnd.wap.wmlscriptc.

    I've now started a test on Orange, and I have the same problem. I'm about to start phoning around Orange looking for the right technical contact, but does anybody have a recipe for delivering WMLScript to recent phones which works across all the UK operators?

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    Re: Supporting WMLScript on current phones and operators

    i've faced that situation in the past with a brazilian network (using Nokia 6230 phone).

    When using the WAP access point, everything worked ok.But when using the INTERNET access point, the wmlscript was downloaded as a text file.With all the other networks and connections, the script was also downloaded instead being executed.

    I know it wasn't what you'd like to hear, but if possible, use javascript instead.

    If target phones are new models based on Symbian, they have good javascript support, what could allow your script to work as it should.

    As for wml scripts, i've tried many things with no success, including:

    -use a mime-type inducer to force correct wml script types (both for plain and compiled files)
    -change plain script's extension to wmlscript and wmlsc
    -compile the script, and try all extensions available (wmls, wmlscript, wmlsc)

    I strongly hope you can find a way out for that problem without having to go for JavaScript, cause i ended up by giving up, after having tried to execute wml scripts LOCALLY (it should work, since network wouldn't be there to manipulate mime-types and extensions) and phone showed only "Unknown file format"...

    best regards
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