I'm going through old, unused or just plain broken code and sharing bits of it in the hope that someone else finds it useful. The first of these is an idea I had for generating a real-time audio stream (such as a MOD player or synthesised sound effects). What I intended to create was something approaching J2SE's SourceDataLine but for J2ME, by running an RTSP server on the phone and playing back the stream using MMAPI. Anyway, the server side of it worked fine in an emulator using Quicktime (WTK can't play RTSP) but not on a phone (the 6630 is the newest S60 I have, so I had to use platformRequest to play it back). Hopefully, some fresh eyes to this might get it working, then we can all playback MODs and generate sound effects on-the-fly! Here's the link to a description and the source code: