Hi All,

I wish to build an app for the N95 as follows:
My purpose is to write an application that takes continuous audiovisual input from a very small wearable video camera (perhaps eyeglass mounted as seen on the following webpage http://dejaview.no-ip.org/index.html) and buffers 30 seconds of content to the phone's random access memory. Any content older then 30 seconds is discarded. But upon seeing something significant like "the police beating a homeless man", you can redirect the buffered video to permanent storage on the phone and onto YouTube as well via the cell phone network. The idea has two advantages: 1. The camera is always at the ready and recording but no memory is being used until something important has been observed and 2. Even if the police take your phone, you still have footage of the beating safely stored on the Internet. I believe that as this system comes into wide use, people will follow the incentive to more humane behavior and less violence will be the likely result. I intend to freely distribute this application.

I am an experienced programmer but am new to programming cell phones.

My questions are as follows.
1. What software and SDKs do I need to download and install in order to build this application?

2. What recommendations to you have for building this application? (Language, IDEs, Software already written that does this, Using external cameras with the N95, Writing the app so that it might also be use on other phones, Etc.)

3. What recommendations can you give me that will help me quickly learn what is required to build this application?

Thanks, John