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    PyS60 Python Console step-by-step on Mac OSX

    After some headaches trying to get it up and running, I created two step-by-step instructables guide to setting up a bluetooth python console on your mac from your phone.

    The first guide sets up a basic python console which you can connect from your mac without installing any additional software.
    PyS60: Python console from your Nokia phone on your Mac

    The second extends this setup to use PUTools for a more advanced console (syntax highlight, command history, file sync, etc).
    PyS60: PUTools, Advanced Python console from your Nokia phone on your Mac

    Just thought people might find these useful if you're developing for PyS60 on the Mac.

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    Re: PyS60 Python Console step-by-step on Mac OSX

    Hello notpeter

    I dont use Mac OS.But your info will really be helpful to the developers using MAC.
    Thanks for Sharing
    Pankaj Nathani

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