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    Nokia 22 PBC Con. Terminal

    Dear All,

    Please can anyone help me?

    I'm integrating, well trying!, the Nokia 22 to an IVR, rather then a traditional PBX. All seems to be working fine, apart from the disconnect/ON HOOK scenario.

    Basically the IVR requires a "Tone" to be generated by the proprietary equipment to distinguish if a call is either engaged, fast busy, dialling or in this case "has disconnected".

    What I'm looking for is the Tone set frequencies for the Nokia 22 PBX con terminal, either all of them or just the disconnect would do!

    If anyone could help me, it would be really appreciated.
    Kind Regards

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    RE: Nokia 22 PBC Con. Terminal

    I'm copying this question to the "Nokia M2M" area under "Additional Topics". Look there for an answer.

    -paul / ForumNokia

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