My developing environment is :
Cabide C++ 1.2 OEM
S60 3rd MR CW, checked by "devices" command.

I extract to the directory of \S60_3rd_MR, I build the examples, nothing wrong. Then I run as it, epoc could run correctly. I select the disired item from Installed, such as "openglex" . When I select it, the PC loose response. I found that every example programs loose response in the same way.

b.t.w: I copy *.jar of opencdoc to cabide "plugin" directrories, but the topic doesn't appear in "Help" index.

b.t.w: In antiword example, I need console input and output, I don't find Cabide C++'s such window, where can I get it. Moreover, I need "step-in" and "step-out" debug capability, but I could not find it in Cabide C++, could you help me?

Quite confused with openc examples.
Moreover, the source code link is not available for Openc.