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    Finding NXP MF RD701 reader

    I'm having problems finding vendors for the NXP MF RD701 reader.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? toptunniste.fi sells readers, but I don't know if it's compatible with the Nokia SDK.

    Digikey has

    But it's a RD700, not 701. I don't want to buy the wrong reader.

    I'm also interested in some evaluation kits like the above. Any recommendations?

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    Re: Finding NXP MF RD701 reader

    With Top Tunniste reader its possible to install Java Card applets, and do 14443-4 communication between reader and phone, read/write tags. They offer also demo to test it and good instructions.

    In emulator only that 3 readers are supported

    The Nokia 6131 NFC SDK supports the following external card readers:
    • OMNIKEY CardMan 5121 (read&write tags, access secure element).
    • OMNIKEY CardMan 5321 (read&write tags, access secure element).
    • NXP MF RD701 (read&write tags).
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    Re: Finding NXP MF RD701 reader

    I kept checking and found that Digikey does have the RD701 reader.

    The Top Tunniste reader looks interesting even though it's not listed as supported by the SDK.

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