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    motorola timeport

    Hi !
    I have a Nokia WAP Server 1.0.1 with NT RAS. I try it with Nokia 7110 and it works fine, but if I try it with Motorola timeport the wap server can't understand the request ...
    (it displays in the log :
    PX-UP-AGETQX-UP-GETNOTIFYpX-UP;reqsize=18+171;httpstatus=200;wspstatus=64;respsize=12+84;servicedata="";processtime=30+421+10=461 )
    The phone settings are good, because if I dial to my provider it works. Anyone knows what's the problem ?

    Thaks: Szaszi

    Posted by Laszlo Szabo, szabo30@iit.uni-miskolc.hu
    on May 23, 2000 at 12:18

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    RE: motorola timeport

    Posted by angus myles, angusm@aspects.demon.co.uk
    on May 23, 2000 at 13:29

    The Timeport uses the UP.browser and current versions (v4.0) rely on the gateway to tell the phone what it's homepage & favourites are. This function is built into the UP.Link gateway. There is apparently a patch for the Nokia Web Server that will also fix this.
    UP.browser v4.1 allows the user to congfigure homepage & favourites, the Siemens S35i will come with this browser. Sorry I can't be more specific about the patch.

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