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    Cool How to Change this folder icon or 3rd Party icons?

    How to Change this folder icon or 3rd Party icons?
    i'm already change gallery folder icon but not this.

    Can somebody guide me about how to creat 3rd party icon using carbide.ui 3.1?
    I got the app's uid from FExplorer (option + tools + installed application) and the app's name from there (behind the uid). I reloaded the themes by close & open it again.
    After reload the themes the icon will appear in the resource view: icon -> application icon. (bottom of the all icon view)
    I saw the new icon and the mark also. But when i creat the .sis file & install it on mobile icon not changed in mobile why?

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    Re: How to Change this folder icon or 3rd Party icons?

    Hello coolexe and Welcome to the Forum

    You have given 2 screen shots.
    In the 1st screen shot i can see that these folders are in the phone memory.Moreover there is also a tab for memory card as can be seen.Now you can't change the icons in that view.Moreover i will leke to tell you one thing eventhough its not in ur query....Just play with the options in the 1st screenshot view.You will realise that you can only rename the folders in the memory card and not in the phone memory..(I mean from that gallery view there)

    In the 2nd screen shots the folders whose icons you wish to change can be changed by Setting a desired theme.
    If you still want to create a theme yourself by using personalized icons you can use ownskins.com to create the themes and adjust the icon you wish to keep.

    Hope it Helps
    Pankaj Nathani

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