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    Developing on a Mac

    I'm developing midlets for Nokia phones that communicate using bluetooth.
    I use the bluecove.jar and eclipse to check out the bluetooth functionality from my Windows XP pc before putting the logic in the midlet (because the emulator can't communicate with external bluetooth devices).
    Do you know if the bluecove.jar would work on a Mac? (The bluecove.jar is pretty fussy what bluetooth drivers it requires on a PC).
    Has any one experience is developing bluetooth midlets on a Mac?
    Many thanks,

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    By an Intel Mac and run Microsoft Windows.

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    Re: Developing on a Mac

    Ridiculous answer. Java, Eclipse, Netbeans etc. are platform independent, and the SDK should be also.

    At minimum, provide us with the bare jars and Eclipse files and let us work on the platform that we prefer. Nokia, please take action on this!!

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