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    SDK3.0a Still have Unicode problem .Dev of NOKIA pls HELP!

    I got the UNICODE problem.I using VC++6.0sp5,Chinese windows2000 sp3 ,when I run the program,I can got message in the end mobile,but I can't see "Test" in the Mobile.It is a blank message. Using the sample under SDK3.0 folder got the same problem.I can got normal English Text.But I can't got unicode Text(When i checked the "unicode" button).I using Chinese version NOKIA7110.

    Unicode SMS, again?!
    11/09/02 10:07AM

    I wrote the following lines of code in VB6:

    -- begin code --
    Private SMSAdapter As SMS3ASuiteLib.SMS_SuiteAdapter

    Private Sub commandSend_Click()
    Dim SMSMessage As SMS3ASuiteLib.ShortMessage
    Set SMSMessage = SMSAdapter.CreateShortMsg
    SMSMessage.UserDataFormat = UNICODE_16_BIT
    SMSMessage.OtherEndAddress = textDestDirectoryNumber.Text
    SMSMessage.UserDataLength = 70
    SMSMessage.UserDataText = StrConv(textMessage.Text, vbUnicode)
    Call SMSAdapter.Send(SMSMessage)
    End Sub

    Private Sub Form_Load()
    Set SMSAdapter = New SMS3ASuiteLib.SMS_SuiteAdapter
    End Sub

    Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
    Set SMSAdapter = Nothing
    End Sub
    -- end code --

    On the form (formMain), there are two text boxes (textDestDirectoryNumber and textMessage) and a command button (commandSend). This little program sends out a message to the specified directory number, but the contents of the message is empty. Any ideas?

    (If the message is in ANSI, commenting out the SMSMessage.UserDataFormat line and without the Unicode convertion function [StrConv] will work perfectly.)

    The PCCSDK I am using is 3.0 beta. Development platform: Windows 2K Professional and Visual Basic 6.0sp5.

    Please give your helping hand. Thank you.

    William WK Lee
    Hong Kong

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    RE: SDK3.0a Still have Unicode problem .Dev of NOKIA pls HELP!

    my source code:

    BSTR bstrEndAddr=_com_util::ConvertStringToBSTR(szMobileNo);
    BSTR bstrSCAddr=_com_util::ConvertStringToBSTR(szSmca);
    BSTR bstrDataText=_com_util::ConvertStringToBSTR("Test"


    pIGSMSubmit->ProtocolID= 0;
    pIGSMSubmit->ValidityPeriodRelative = 255;

    catch( _com_error ) {printf("pIGSMSubmit failed "}
    catch( _com_error ) {printf(" Send Message failed "}

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    RE: SDK3.0a Still have Unicode problem .Dev of NOKIA pls HELP!

    Marko Tuukkanen(Forum Nokia) have said:"Nokia PC Connectivity SDK 3.0 Beta supports unicode characters and there should not be any major problems regarding unicode with the beta software" ;BUT is not true!
    It is problem! pls change the "messaging" sample under SDK folder.

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    I have the same problem!
    when I use the
    "SMSMessage.UserDataFormat = UNICODE_16_BIT" statement ,an "errUnknow" error will be throw.
    my phone is 8210 ,and connect to pc with irDA connection!

    Another question! why can I not use the NokiaCLMessaging namespacing on 8210? it said "unsportted device "

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    This might help:

    That "SMS3ASuiteLib" is one of the old components of the PCCSDK v2.1. It is only kept in v3.0 to maintain compatibility to some older phones (6210, 5110, 8210, etc.).

    Nokia is correct if it says that SDK 3.0 supports Unicode. Just use the correct 3.0 library, in this case NclMsg.dll, aka "NokiaCLMessaging", and you should be done. In most cases you'll also need a newer phone because the newer libraries hardly support the older phones. :-)

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    SDK2.1 & NOKIA 6150

    Hi guys,

    I am facing the same problem right now.

    I set dcs to 8, userdataformat to unicode_16_bit , i am unable to send out the chinese text successfully.

    Let's not talk about Sending of a UNICODE_16_BIT sms first.

    Now, let's talk about ReceiveSMS application that i wrote.

    I send a "HELLO WORLD" english text sms to my mobile phone, BUT my "default language" in the phone is "Simplified Chinese". I compose the message and send to the recipient mobile phone. When the receiver phone receive the sms, the application will trigger smsnotify_shortmsgreceived event, i try to print out what is the "UserDataText", it shows blank. I check "UserDataFormat", it shows 3 i.e. UNICODE_16_BIT, which is correct because the sender's phone default language is Chinese. OtherEndAddress shows the sender mobilephone number, get_SCTimeStamp shows the correct date & time. I am able to "Delete(memtype,index)" the sms.

    Please help. What is the reason?

    I am using Nokia 6150 & SDK2.1.


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