Hope somebody can help me - I work for an access control company who mainly use the Ultralight, 1K, 4K, and Desfire cards, we write and read users access rights from the sectors of the mifare cards and generally use from between 7 to 11 of them, we are able to use unlocked and partially locked cards, as our users are able (using our software) to allocate the free sectors they need, write to the MAD, lock them and then assign a users access rights to them. Often when I go to site a user will present me with a card and say "can we use this" normally I have to fire up the laptop attach readers etc and read the users card - it would be much easier to do this using a 6131NFC, so far I have been able to code reading the UID, find out what card it is, but can anyone help with finding out if any of the sectors are unlocked?